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of the year and guess what? >> it's not! >> it's going to stay cooler than normal outside. we have patchy fog just beginning to thicken up. we'll have more on your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> unfortunately on the roads right now just your overnight roadwork, we are not seeing any huge hot spots or accidents, but there is roadwork on the upper and the lower decks of the bay bridge between oakland and san francisco. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. >> we will. we have 2.5 hours to talk about it. >> thank you. it is 4:30 now. today bart union workers could put the bay area on a strike notice. it's three days before contract extensions run out. the union and management will be back at the table today, though after negotiating for several hours yesterday. union members are sending their message to drivers now. bay bridge commuters drive by this billboard saying, "we make bart work." it's part of a pr strategy. pay and benefits are the key issues in the talks. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo looks into what the offers
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would mean to an average bart worker. >> reporter: our example is this bart technician. he says he makes $35 an hour. that's about $72,000 a year. under bart's plan, his 8% raise over four years would bring his salary to $78,000. the union's plan for a 20% raise over three years would mean an $87,000 salary. but union leaders say bart's currents proposal would hurt workers' wallets. >> when in fact that 2% pay increase per year results in either a net zero or something less for our members. >> reporter: bart workers' salaries have been stagnant for four years. still, bart workers are the highest paid transit workers in the state and among the highest paid government workers in the bay area. when we ran the numbers we found out the bart proposal would cost the tech pigs? $100 over the four-year contract. that's because he would pay 5% into his pension and 10% of his healthcare premium. what's your response to that? >> the current offer on the table makes sure that every employee has a little bit more in their pocket. >> reporter: bart contends
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every employee would net a 1% raise after they pay into pensions and healthcare costs. even if they are in the red, like the technician we used as ancle. >> things can be done such as offering a lump sum payment to a specific employee if for some reason in the scenario they are not getting the 1% increase. >> reporter: in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> bart's chief negotiator is under fire. he works for a company that profited from last month's strike and he was on vacation during the recent negotiations. christin ayers caught up with negotiator tomahawk to ask him about those issues. >> those days we were not scheduled to meet. there were no days scheduled for that week. >> reporter: what about the charges of a conflict with the transportation company? ? >> i don't know about that. >> reporter: you made $500 during the strike. >> that's not a lot of money.
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>> reporter: it's still money though. >> reporter: come on. >> let's be real. >> reporter: it is $500. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's the principle of the thing, right? >> reporter: depends how you want to look at it, i guess. >> reporter: your thoughts are that there was no conflict of interest? >> for that question, there is not. >> if there is another strike, commuters will have limited options for getting around without bart. bart says an outside judge cannot come in because california is a collective bargaining state and bringing in replacement drivers is out of the question. so what about asking the governor for a cooling-off period? >> all it does is drags it out plus it sets us up for a possible strike in october. october is the highest ridership month of the entire year. >> the metropolitan transportation commission has about $20 million that could be used to hire more buses but the mtc says it would be a bad investment because it would lose a lot of money if a strike is settled quickly. extra ferry service will be
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available if there is a strike. there will also be an additional arrival and departure dock in the ferry building in san francisco. during the first strike ferries carried 18,000 riders a day, triple the average. find the latest information on commute alternatives in our strike survival guide on our website, the family of daphne webb is still holding out hope for the 21-month-old girl's safe return. they held a candlelight vigil in oakland last night three weeks after the toddler was last seen. her father told police someone kidnapped her from his suv. relatives have set up a website and are canvassing neighborhoods knocking on doors and still passing out flyers. a man caught on camera kicking a woman in the head during a robbery is behind bars. we have to warn you, this video is very hard to watch. but police tell joe vazquez if the video didn't go viral, the attacker might have walked away scot-free. reporter: police chief greg suhr announced the arrest at a
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community meeting in the castro. >> it was just a horrific completely after the fact malicious kick to the head of the poor woman on the ground. >> reporter: sfpd says 23-year- old christopher porter-bailey of oakland was the man caught on video savagely attacking a robbery victim on saturday june 29 on market. the robbers took a woman's purse then for no apparent reason kicked her right in the face. immediately after the crime, the cops arrested two other people, 20-year-old davis and 22-year-old williams. another man was also arrested but those charges were dropped. the cops say the group robbed several people that night in a crime spree along market street. it took police until last friday to track down porter bailey and arrest him with the help of oakland police. chief suhr says the surveillance video was instrumental in catching him. >> we got a lot of public help. we got a lot of help from
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sources i can't really speak to but they were shocked by the video. we got help from every quarter. >> reporter: mission district capt. bob moser says the cops know porter-bailey already because he was involved in a fight two years ago also during pride weekend. despite the timing, the captain says right now there is no indication that group was targeting people because they're gay. no evidence of a hate crime. in the castro, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> as for the victim she is expected to recover fully. the man charged in the deaths of two san francisco jewelry store clerks has pleaded not guilty to murder. prosecutors say 23-year-old barry white, jr., attacked the victims because he believed he paid $300 too much for a piece of jewelry. police say the july 12 rampage inside the jewelrymart was one of the most horrific crime scenes they have ever seen. white is in jail without bail. asiana airlines will retire the number of the flight that
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crashed at sfo on july 6. starting august 12, the route from seoul to sfo will carry flight number 212. dropping flight numbers involves [ indiscernible ] chopper 5 was above mineta san jose international airport when a plane came in with a blown tire. emergency crews were on hand when the southwest flight landed yesterday but they were not needed. pilots on the flight from denver reported they lost a tire on take-off. fire department trucks followed the 737 all the way to the get as a precaution caltrans is giving you a closer look at how engineers plan to fix the defective bolt problem on the bay bridge. workers are constructing a steel saddle a 144,000-pound contraption that will be attached to two giant piers to secure a plate. that's the job the broken bolts were supposed to do. they already plan to put temporary shims to insert into the bearings.
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>> there's going to be some additional external review to confirm, you know, what we believe those shims will actually do what the actual fabrication work for the shims is well under way and should be complete if not already complete within a few days. >> the bad bolt problem has forced postponement of the new span's opening until december. time now 4:38. what's the weather like today it? >> cooking along, we're starting out august on the cool side for the foreseeable future. looks like temperatures going to stay down as low pressure kind of swings in along the coastline. we are seeing patchy fog filling in along the coastline and inside the bay. a little more patchy compared to yesterday but likely to fill in over the next couple of hours. out over the bay right now patchy fog continuing. the temperatures we have seen some cooler numbers this morning as you as you make your way in towards santa rosa down to 49 degrees. 58 though in san jose. and 55 degrees in san francisco. i think by the afternoon we are back into the low 80s in many
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spots inland maybe a couple of mid-80s toward brentwood about 75 in san jose and sunny into san francisco a little cool and breezy at times, temperature of about 63 degrees. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. and we are going to take you towards the nimitz in oakland. everything looks okay. we have roadwork through san leandro picking up slower speeds on your sensors. northbound and southbound 880 between marina and davis but as you can see near the oakland coliseum it's a smooth commute. out to the san mateo bridge, if this is where your drive takes you so far no issues all the way across the span in either direction westbound or eastbound 92. i mentioned a lot of overnight roadwork. let's break down some of it for you. this time in the eastbound lanes of highway 4 between port chicago highway and willow pass various lanes blocked until at least 5:00 this morning. also both directions of 580 right there by the dublin interchange westbound and eastbound near hacienda there is a little slowing in the commute direction because of it. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> liz, thanks. the ohio man who held three
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women captive in his home for years will be sentenced this morning. ariel castro could get life in prison plus 1,000 years. he pleaded guilty to numerous charges in a plea deal. meanwhile new documents show amanda berry gina dejesus and michelle knight kept diaries of their torment. he offered them a ride and took them to his cleveland home. they were chained up and raped over the years. the diary says castro would punish them by putting them in a cold basement or sweltering attic. former football star o.j. simpson has been granted parole but won't be getting out of prison soon. the parole applies only to some charges stemming from the 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery conviction. the parole is set to take effect in october but since he still faces at least four more years in prison on other charges. it's another brush with the law for george zimmerman. dashcam video shows the florida man was pulled over by police on sunday for speeding on a
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highway outside dallas. he told the officer he had a gun in the glove compartment but since zimmerman had no outstanding warrants, the officer let him go with a warning for speeding. 4:41. coming up some new details on how the government can spy on your every move online and the bay area man who said, i told you so. >> and how a major bay area stadium project is being delayed all because of world war ii.
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playing on the phone... tho are just some of the things train conductors in argenti were caught doing on camera. those cameras were installe avoid accidents like this o last some reading, playing games, on the phone, some thing conductors were doing on camera while working. the cameras were installed to avoid accidents like the one last month. three people were killed in the crash. conductors caught misbehaving in argentina were all fired. today president obama will meet with a bipartisan group of congress members to make a case in support of surveillance programs. he wants to make clear his view that the programs are necessary
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to keep the country safe. yesterday, the president's national security team acknowledged for the first time it can read and store phone records of millions of americans when investigating one suspected terrorist. but the white house insists such records are rarely searches and only suspected terrorists are targeted. the government can also keep close tabs on what you do online. kpix 5's sharon chin explains what the x key score program can do. reporter: the u.s. government can vacuum up information on nearly everything you do on the internet as you're doing it. the secret program called x key score details in these classified nsa documents apparently leaked by edward snowden. >> they have multiple ways to get at all your information, phones that you mail, your web browsing. >> reporter: mark klein blew the whistle on the nsa several years ago for mining internet and email records through at&t san francisco office and today with x key score and new technology --
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>> they can store a whole dossier on everybody in the country going back years. it's frightening. >> reporter: government surveillance versus privacy took center stage at a talk tonight in oakland. x key score experts say has a massive infrastructure with hundreds of servers around the world. u.s. intelligence officials don't even need your email address to monitor your online activity. the electronic frontier foundation says it's illegal for intelligence agencies to monitor americans without a warrant. >> the government gets access first and then proves that you did something wrong second. it's not supposed to be that way. it's supposed to be the other way around. >> reporter: some say it's not a big deal. >> i'm not concerned if they look at me. if they do, that's fine. >> reporter: for those who don't want the government watching there is encryption that can protects you. >> when you have that little lock icon in your browser in the top right or left corner,
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there's no evidence that the nsa can break this encryption. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> mccull agh says they have the encryption but yahoo and aol don't. yesterday facebook announced it will. president obama is examined to sign a bill to temporarily reduce interest rates on student loans. the house passed the measure to drop back to 3.9% for undergraduates. rates would then be tied to the financial markets. rising as the economy improves, there are limits on how high it can go. interest rates on new loans went up to 6.8% july 1. facebook stock bounced back 14 months after its initial public offering. for the first time it passed the ipo price of $38. facebook shares rose as high as $38.31 before closing before low $37 yesterday on the heels of better-than-expected earnings released last week. since then shares have surged more than 40% and some say
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facebook's advertising push on mobile devices is behind the boost. so we may even see more mobile ads on facebook. >> i think i have seen enough already. >> yeah, no kidding. >> you call it mild. -- we call it mild. you call it boring. >> well, it's not as exciting, but forecasting the fog is one of the most difficult things to forecast. but there it is outside this morning. you have patchy fog redeveloping out there not as thick as yesterday. but still we are going to see more of that throughout the morning hours and well in the afternoon we'll get some sunshine going with coastal clouds and temperatures below average and minor changes ahead. it isn't too bad. over the bay you have patchy fog at this hour and temperatures cool in spots into the north bay. 49 degrees in santa rosa. 58 in san jose. 55 degrees in san francisco. you see the clouds gathering along the coastline some of that making its way inside the bay but broken this morning outside so it looks like it is going to be staying cool with that onshore breeze continuing for today.
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that trough cramps camps out. if you like the warm stuff head inland 58 in sacramento about 92 and sunny in yosemite and 75 degrees in lake tahoe. around the bay find some sunshine this afternoon and 57 in san jose. 73 in milpitas and 68 and breezy into hayward. east bay numbers in the 70s and 80s into brentwood about 74 degrees in vallejo, 76 in napa, 67 degrees the expected high in oakland today and 63 and cool in san francisco. next couple of days a minor change or two through saturday and then warm up sunday and monday before cooling down toward the middle of next week. . let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we have roadwork on the upper and lower decks of the bay bridge. they should be clearing it right about now. no delay getting into san francisco right now. checking the right towards the dublin interchange a little crowded this morning. we have various lanes blocked
4:49 am
this morning right there approaching actually hacienda where the bulk of the roadwork s let me show you a drive time. right now, it is still in the green, 20 minutes on westbound 580 between the altamont pass and 680 but this is where you will find that overnight roadwork this time westbound 580 hacienda to san ramon and eastbound 580 hacienda towards portola should all be cleared up by about 6:00 this morning. out towards the peninsula, no delay this morning all the way towards sfo. and same thing for silicon valley commuters also off to a great start there on 237. bart we checked in with them about 17 trains all rolling along right on schedule. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> okay, liz, thanks. 4:49. some big surprises at a construction site will delay the opening of the san jose earthquakes new soccer stadium. kiet do explains what was found underground at the former smc factory site. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a quick and dirty demolition
4:50 am
job. just break apart and scoop up concrete slabs no more than 8" thick and be done in about 6 weeks. were you shocked when you found out what was underground? >> absolutely. the size of the structures nobody ever would have anticipated. >> reporter: instead they found the ghosts of silicon valley's past. a total of 70 reinforced concrete vaults that likely served as bomb shelters. there were 200 pilings dug 60 feet into the ground. they were so deep crews just snapped them off halfway. and then mystery objects that looked like ammunition. a weapons expert was called in. >> what they discovered was it was not unexploded munitions. >> reporter: what was it, then? >> they never did -- were able to tell us what it was. >> reporter: it gets worse. next they dug up pipes with asbestos. all that digging put them below the water table so the hole is flooded! this one was the size of an olympic swimming pool and nicknamed lake smc after the
4:51 am
contractor that made tanks here. so you promise no more surprises? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the extra clean-up cost three-quarters of a million dollars or about 1% of the $60 million price tag. it has delayed the opening by a few months. >> i know people have waited so long and i know there's a lot of frustration at times that it's taken this long to get this done. but i think at the end of the day when we open this venue it's going to be a truly world class stadium and one that people can be very proud of. >> reporter: the original opening date was the beginning of the season in march. but now, that's been pushed back to the halfway point of the season sometime in the middle of summer 2014. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> time now 4:51. capitol hill takes up the debate over energy drinks and the question are they good for kids? why some beverage makers were compared to tobacco companies. and a modern twist to the boston tea party. why lgbt advocates are saying no to russian vodka all coming your way. ,,
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we check your microclimate into fremont. 71 degrees, mostly sunny and mild this afternoon. >> and checking some bridges around the bay area right now, they are doing some lane changes across the golden gate bridge. no delay if you are heading into san francisco right now across the bay bridge. and traffic is flowing nicely in both directions across the san mateo. we'll have more traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. energy drink makers are grilled on capitol hill accused of acting like tobacco companies. lawmakers say companies like rock star and monster are marketing to children and denying it. in 2011, more than 20,000 emergency room visits were related to energy drinks. and yesterday red bull and monster defended their products
4:55 am
in washington. the american medical association has voted to ban the marketing of energy drinks to anyone younger than 18. lgbt activists in new york hosts their own version of the boston tea party this week. they poured out vodka from the russian brand in front of the russian consulate protesting against anti-gay laws passed in russia which have triggered violent attacks against members of the lgbt community there. even business owners joined in on the effort in new york. >> unfortunately, this is the best chance we have. we have learned many, many years that corporate america if though hurt financially they pay attention. >> russia's parliament unanimously passed the laws last month. they ban "propaganda of non- traditional sexual relations" and impose heavy fines on those who promote homosexuality. it's part airplane and part car. >> at about 7 feet wide and 19 feet long, this contraption shown off at a wisconsin
4:56 am
aviation show can fly you and a bunny somewhere and when you land, you can actually fold in the wings and drive to your next destination with a buddy. >> you drive it like a car. it's got a steering wheel, a gas pedal and brake and you fly it just like a little airplane. the stick comes off the floor of the you have rudder pedals so you have to remember what you're doing, are you driving or flying. but the plane knows what it's doing. >> i hop you would remember. it costs $279,000 and you need a pilot's license to operate it. it runs on unleaded gas and gets 35 miles an hour. >> so if you don't like the traffic on 680, up you go. >> love it. 4:56. trouble in texas. george zimmerman has another run-in with the police. what the man in the middle of the trayvon martin case told a police officer. >> reporter: with days away to a potential bart strike we wanted to know if bart's proposal would be enough for
4:57 am
the average employee. we'll show you the numbers we crunch ourselves. tried the online thing... which uh, i dunno. i, i guess i'm just hoping for a caring and nurturing relationship, you know, one that's going somewhere. uh, like i, i take them where they're going and they buy me chevron with techron. i mean, yeah, you know, what can i say, i'm a, i'm a romantic. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. alright, now i just look desperate.
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made $500 during the strike. >> that's a lot of money. >> bart's chief negotiator on the defense as we move closer to a strike. >> union reps told us still no movement whatsoever on the major issues of wages and benefits. >> my sexual problem has really taken a toll on my life. >> sentencing day for the ohio man who held three women captive for more than a decade. >> just a horrific completely after the fact malicious kick to the head of the poor woman on the ground. >> public tips help catch the man behind a brutal attack. >> very frightening. >> new details on an nsa tool that tracks nearly everything you do on the internet. >> they have multiple ways to get at all your information. >> reporter: president obama is expected to sign a big that
5:00 am
would bring down the interest rates on student loans. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's thursday, august 1. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00. let's get you out the door with traffic and weather. and i guess the word today is mild, right? >> yeah. boy, the dog days of summer continuing in the bay area as we have plenty of low clouds and fog beginning to make their way onshore some of that patchy fog making its way inside the bay now. but most of the interior valleys are looking clear. the fog continuing to move over the bay as we speak. the temperatures a little cool in spots, especially in the north bay this morning. down to 47 degrees right now in santa rosa, 55 in san jose. and 59 degrees in oakland. by the afternoon, should become mostly sunny inland. you will see temperatures in the 80s in many spots in the valleys. 60s and 70s around the bay a little bit breezy out toward the coastline patchy fog about temperatures in the 50s and 60s. more on your weather in a moment

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